innovation and quality

MOTUSA: Assembly and Piping

A continuous commitment to technological improvements

Since 1958, we have been dedicated to managing the maintenance of industrial facilities and the supply equipment. We have always been concerned about the environment and contributing to sustainable development.

Our work is backed by the professionalism of our technical office, our continuous commitment to technological improvements and more than 5,000m2 of facilities equipped with the most advanced technical resources and materials. We have the capacity to solve any possible eventuality that could arise during manufacturing, installation or subsequent maintenance.

The meticulous dedication we give to each project encourages synergies between the entity responsible for the project and the entire MOTUSA team working towards a common goal: service and quality.

We certify the quality


We believe quality to be a working philosophy

We are currently on of the most important companies in this sector in Cantabria and we have all the authorisation and certificates needed to carry out all activities with the required guarantees.

We are fully committed to quality. Quality in the job, in the project, the process, etc. This is our working philosophy and we move forward with it every day.

We care about the environment


We contribute to maintaining sustainable development

The absolute necessity of protecting the environment efficiently and contributing to maintaining sustainable development is why MOTUSA has dedicated a business line to focus exclusively on the environment.

Facilities for water purification and desalination, WWTP (Wastewater Treatment Plant), urban and industrial, and complementary facilities such as pumping stations.

Our quality system is ISO 9002:2000 certified and one of the fundamental pillars supporting MOTUSA's management efficiency.


Engineering solutions and productive systems improvements

Faced with the needs of our clients and the aim of continuous improvement, MOTUSA has a technical office staffed with qualified and specialised people to provide engineering solutions and productive systems improvements.

Our technical office can design any type of equipment or facility based on the requirements of the job, under design standards depending on the need.

Design of equipment and facilities